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Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa (I-130) Petitions

Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa


The family relationships that can be sponsored for immigration purposes are based on U.S. immigration laws, which establish both the allowable immigrant visa categories, requirements for eligibility, and procedures. While many family relationships can be sponsored, some family relationships cannot be sponsored to immigrate to the United States.

The petition filed by the U.S. sponsor must be approved by USCIS before you can begin the steps in immigrant visa application process. Learn more about filing a petition.

About Submitting a Petition for Your Relative 

A foreign citizen must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen relative(s), U.S. lawful permanent resident, and be the beneficiary of an approved petition. A first step in the process is the sponsor filing a Form I-130, Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa Petition, for you as:

Information on fiance(e) visas or adoption is located in other sections of our website.

Note: There is no USCIS office at the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).

Petition Approval

Your immigrant petition must be approved by USCIS before you can begin the immigrant visa application process.  

(Posted on 2017/04/13)