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Press Release

Changes in AIT Travel Service Fees

Effective February 1, 1998, the Travel Services Section of the American Institute in Taiwan will change some of the fees it collects for services. This change is being made in conjunction with an adjustment of consular fees implemented by the U.S. Department of State worldwide.

These adjustments in fees have been made to correlate each fee with the actual cost of providing the service. While we regret the need to increase some fees, our customers will benefit in the future from improvements in our equipment, technology and facilities.

Changes have been made to the following fees, as well as fees for other consular services. Listed below are the revised fees for the most-used services provided by AIT:

-- Processing fee for nonimmigrant visa applications NT$1,500

-- Processing and issuance fees for immigrant visa applications NT$1,500 + US$325

-- Notarial Service US$55

-- U.S. passport for first time adult applicant US$60

-- U.S. passport renewal US$40

For further information contact AIT Travel Services Section by FAX at 02-2709-0908 or E-mail at AITVISA@MAIL.AIT.ORG.TW.

More information about the worldwide adjustment in consular fees is available via the AIT Website ( and the U.S. State Department Website ( on the Internet.