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Press Release

Sunflower Oil Refining & Marketing Seminar in Taipei

The National Sunflower Association in cooperation with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) will hold a sunflower oil refining and marketing seminar on September 30, 1997, at the United States Agricultural Trade Office Auditorium, in Taipei, Taiwan.

The National Sunflower Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of United States sunflowers and sunflower products, and to the development of sunflower markets throughout the world. The membership of the National Sunflower Association represents both sunflower growers and the processing industry.

AIT conducts programs in Taiwan to develop, maintain and expand markets for U.S. agricultural products. AIT serves as a contact point for fostering better business relationships between Taiwan and U.S. businesses.

The purpose of the sunflower oil refining and marketing seminar is to provide technical assistance on the handling, refining and marketing of U.S. sunflower oil. The topics addressed during the seminar will be:

* Emerging technologies in refining
* Environmental concerns
* Quality control analysis
* Laboratory methods
* Improving economic return in refining
* Vegetable oil supply and demand in Taiwan
* World vegetable oil supply and demand
* Economic benefits of refining sunflower oil
* 1997/98 U.S. sunflower oil supply outlook

The speakers at the seminar will be Mr. Robert Pierce, Sunflower Oil Refining Specialist, National Sunflower Association, Mr. Robert Horster, Senior Oil Merchant, Cargill Oilseed Processing, and Mr. John Sandbakken, International Marketing Director, National Sunflower Association. Mr. Pierce has over forty years of experience in refining sunflower, soybean, canola, and linseed oils. He is a member of the American Oilseed Chemists Society (AOCS) and has written several manuals on refining sunflower oil. Mr. Horster works at Cargill's largest sunflower crushing plant in the United States. Cargill is one of the largest exporters of U.S. sunflower oil. Mr. Sandbakken is responsible for international market development and promotion programs for sunflower oil and confectionery sunflower products at the National Sunflower Association.

The seminar is open to anyone in the business of refining vegetable oils. For further information contact the Agricultural Section of the American Institute in Taiwan, Tel: (02)2709-2000 ext. 2316.