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Press Release

AIT Director Announces Expansion of Interview-Free Visitor Visa Categories

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Darryl N. Johnson announced in Kaohsiung today that AIT will soon expand the categories of visa applicants who are not required to appear at the AIT Taipei office for an interview.

Effective October 1, 1997, the following persons will be routinely exempted from non-immigrant visa interviews:

-- Persons over forty years old,

-- Persons who have previously traveled to the US on any category of non-immigrant visa, and

-- Children age 14 or younger, if 1) their parents hold US visas or 2) their parents are entitled to a waiver of personal appearance and are applying at the same time.

Tour group participants whose applications are submitted by travel agencies will continue to be exempt.

This improvement in AIT visa services significantly reduces the need for interviews and makes for a much more efficient delivery of services to the public. Currently, approximately 70% of all non-immigrant visa applicants are exempt from personal appearance. With these changes, the number will be even greater. The improvement will especially benefit applicants in southern Taiwan, many fewer of whom will have to travel to Taipei for interviews.