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Press Release

Green Card Replacement Program

PR9615E | Date: 1996-03-27

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has announced that the old Form I-151 Alien Registration Receipt Card ("Green Card") - issued before 1979 - is no longer valid after March 20, 1996. Bearers of old I-151 cards who seek entry into the United States will therefore be asked to complete a Form I-90 application at the port-of-entry. The American Institute in Taiwan cannot accept applications for new Green Cards. The INS has been urging holders of the old I-151 cards to apply for a replacement card since November 1993. To replace their Green Cards, holders of I-151 cards arriving in the U.S. must submit the completed application form (Form I-90) along with a US$75 filing fee to INS.

The American Institute in Taiwan wishes to emphasize that the Green Card replacement program only applies to those individuals who have an old Form I-151 Green Card. Bearers of Green Cards issued since 1979 are not affected. Further information on the Green Card Replacement Program may be obtained by calling AIT at (02) 2709-2000 ext. 2033 or (02) 2709-0908 (fax).