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Press Release

Redesigned U.S. $100 Notes in Circulation

The U.S. Federal Reserve filled the first orders for newly designed $100 notes on March 25. The bills are expected to begin appearing in some banks and other depository institutions soon. The notes will become widely available in the United States and around the world in the coming days and weeks.

Beginning with the initial shipments to local depository institutions from the Federal Reserve System's 37 offices and branches, Fed banks will fulfill all future orders only with the new notes. The new notes will replace the older series notes as they are returned to the Federal Reserve. Currency is shipped abroad through commercial banks with Federal Reserve accounts.

There will be no recall or devaluation of the older series notes.

U.S. diplomatic missions around the world have been active partners in the public education campaign since the changes were announced in September 1995. Missions have held briefings for government officials, bankers, businesses and worked with local media to ensure millions of holders of U.S. currency are familiar with the new note and the introduction process. More than 13 million pieces of literature have been printed in 20 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French and several Eastern European languages.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has printed more than 850 million of the new $100 notes, and will continue to print the new series at the rate of about 150 million notes per month. The smaller denominations -- $50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 -- will be introduced into circulation at the rate of about one a year.