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Press Release

Minnesota Agricultural Trade Mission to Visit Taiwan December 8-12, 2008

An Agricultural Trade Delegation led by Gene Hugoson, Minnesota's Agricultural Commissioner, will visit Taiwan December 8-12, 2008.  The American Institute in Taiwan's Agricultural Trade office will assist with the delegation's visit.

During their stay in Taiwan, the delegation will introduce a wide variety of food and agricultural products from the Mid-West region of the United States to local consumers.  The Agricultural Trade Office will support their mission by organizing "table-top" product displays and one-on-one meetings with Taiwan food and agricultural importers, processors and retailers as follows.

  • December 08, 10:00-12:00    Fullon Hotel Taipei
  • December 10, 09:00-11:00    TAITRA Taichung
  • December 11, 14:00-17:00    The Splendor Hotel Kaohsiung

This will be the second time in the past four years that Commissioner Hugoson has led a team to visit customers in Taiwan and learn more about Taiwan's food processing needs.  In May 2008, Commissioner Hugoson hosted a large delegation of Taiwan food and beverage importers in Minnesota.  The reverse mission to Minnesota was organized by the Agricultural Trade Office whose staff accompanied the Taiwan buyers.

Taiwan is Minnesota State's fifth-largest agricultural export market.  Minnesota's top five exports are Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Livestock Products, and Processed Vegetables.

Minnesota is the seventh largest exporter of agricultural products in the United States.  The Agricultural sector is the second largest industry and the second largest employer in Minnesota.  Over 80% of all agricultural jobs in Minnesota are off-farm in processing, distribution, supply and service sectors.

For more information or to appointments with members of the Minnesota Agricultural Trade Mission, please contact Amy Hsueh at AIT's Agricultural Trade Office at Tel: (02) 2705-6536 ext. 286, or Fax (02) 2706-4885.   For more information about activities related to the Agricultural Trade office, please visit