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Press Release

AIT Co-Hosts Conference to Introduce New U.S. Nanotechnology Dental Implants in Taiwan

On October 18, 2008, the AIT Commercial Section will co-host a conference on dental implants at the Taiwan Medical University to introduce Taiwan dentists to the use of new nanotechnology from the United States that dramatically decreases the recovery time of dental implant surgery while increasing its success rate.

An AIT Commercial Officer will deliver opening remarks at the event. Renowned American dentist Dr. Alan M. Meltzer will deliver the keynote address to over 200 local dentists on how to incorporate this new technology into their practices.

"Patients often request shorter treatment time so that they can minimize inconveniences in life.  Even if patients' conditions are not ideal, we can still shorten surgery recovery time by using nanotechnology implants," said Dr. Allan M. Meltzer.

Official data shows that 47% of Taiwan's population aged 12 and older is missing at least one tooth.  If left untreated, missing teeth can cause a variety of health issues, such as periodontal disease, loss of natural face contours, and even digestive problems.  However, many people are hesitant to seek treatment fearing that the treatment will take too long.

The length of treatment required for an implant is determined by the time it takes for the implant to bond with the human bone, i.e., osseointegration.  The latest dental implants employing state-of-the-art nanotechnology can substantially reduce the time for osseointegration.  These implants use nanometer-scale calcium phosphate to create a more complex topography on the implant surface, which has been proven to expedite osseointegration by 150%, thereby decreasing the length of treatment by one to three months.    Dr. Cheng Kuo-ching, a graduate of the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, said that as implant dentistry becomes popular, patients demand better quality and a faster healing process.  It is therefore essential to enhance bone bonding and improve stability.  Implants using nanotechnology can effectively expedite bone growth and increase predictability.

Dr. Chen Jui-po, a graduate of New York University's College of Dentistry, also stated that dental implants are a great solution to anyone that has missing teeth.  Dental implantology has now matured and success rates for implant surgery have greatly improved.

AIT Commercial Section cordially invites members of the media to attend the conference at the Taipei Medical University on October 18 at 9:00 for the opening ceremony or 15:30 for the cocktail party.  

For more information on the conference, please contact:

Vivian Wu, Kuo Hwa Dental Suppliers, Co., Ltd.
Telephone numbers: 02-2226-1770, 0927020560