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Press Release

AIT American Citizen Services Officer to Visit Taichung December 19, 2007 for Consular Services

PR0773E | Date: 2007-12-06

Representatives of the American Citizen Services Unit of the American Institute in Taiwan will be in Taichung on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, to provide Consular services.  American citizens applying for U.S. passports, and anyone requiring the services of a notary public for U.S. purposes, may come to the American Corner located in the National Taichung Library at 291-3, Jingwu Road, Taichung City from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Only passport renewal and notary services will be available at this time.  Payment for services must be made in cash in either NT dollars or US dollars only.  Please bring the exact amount as we cannot give change.

For adult U.S. passport renewals, one A4-sized photocopy of each page (that contains a photograph, personal data or an amendment) in your current passport is required.  You must present your current passport plus the copies with your application.

For U.S. passport renewals for a child under 14 years of age, the applications must be signed by both parents in the presence of the Consular officer.  If only one parent is able to come, that parent must bring notarized written consent of the other parent or an original or certified true copy of the custody decree showing sole custody.  The child must also be present.  We require one A4-sized photocopy of each parent's passport (or other valid photo ID showing name in English) plus the original documents (or certified true copy), and an original or certified true copy of the child's birth certificate.  If your current passport is an emergency passport, please bring your instruction letter from your emergency passport application.

New passports will be delivered via registered mail to a Taiwan address, so all passport applicants must provide NT$30.00 for postage.  For passport renewal information and required documents for adults and children under 14 years of age, please refer to our website at:

Please contact AIT's Taipei Office at 02-2162-2000 ext. 2306 or by e-mail at for further information.  For more information about American Citizen Services, including fees, please refer to our website at