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Press Release

AIT Accepting Nominations for Study of the U.S. Institute on National Security

The American Institute in Taiwan's Public Affairs Section and the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange are pleased to begin accepting applications for the Study of the United States Institute on National Security.  The program will be organized from mid January through early March 2008 at the University of California - San Diego and is designed for university-level faculty or professionals from institutions of higher education, national security policymaking institutions, including national military academies, government ministries, and think-tanks. 

The Study of the United States Institute on U.S. national security is a rigorous post-graduate-level academic seminar with integrated study tours that will provide a group of 18 educators and professionals from around the world an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the foundations of U.S. national security policy and current threats facing the U.S.  The Institute focuses on the formulation of U.S. foreign and national security policy and the role of the federal government, think-tanks, media, and public opinion in shaping that policy.   The program will examine specific security issues such as energy policy, economic stability, cybersecurity, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and infectious diseases.  The program will also focus on regional security concerns in Europe, South Asia, the Western Hemisphere, East Asia, and the Middle East. Finally, the program will cover the fight against terrorism, the impact of globalization, and U.S. global leadership.  The program will be supplemented by a simulation exercise, a group project, and a study tour. 

The program's ultimate goal is to promote the development and improvement of courses and teaching about the U.S. at universities and other educational, training and research institutions abroad.

All participant costs will be covered.

Information on the selection criteria as well as a detailed program summary and application form can be found on AIT's website:  The deadline for receipt of applications is October 5, 2007.