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Press Release

AIT's Commercial Section Co-Sponsors Business Seminar

PR0722E | Date: 2007-04-17

The Commercial Section of the American Institute in Taiwan is pleased to co-sponsor with the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance a seminar on Friday April 20, 2007, on how to apply Six Sigma process improvement methodologies to Taiwan's financial industry. 

High-level business managers are especially encouraged to attend, as are interested journalists.  The presenters, including the distinguished American consulting firms CTI-Group, International; Uniworld Consulting; BMG Consulting; and Taiwan's Six-Sigma Academy have extensive industry experience using Six Sigma techniques and will explain how to use them to improve financial performance. 

Six Sigma, a quality measurement and improvement program, uses data and statistical analysis to strive toward near-perfection in manufacturing and business processes.  The name "Six Sigma" refers to the goal of reducing defects out to six standard deviations from the mean, to a failure rate of only 3.4 parts per million -- or a success rate of 99.9997%.  Six Sigma has been credited with reducing costs and increasing revenue; improving client satisfaction; and improving overall business management by focusing on facts, measurements and customer needs. 

Although Six Sigma is best known among manufacturers, U.S. financial services firms such as Citibank and Bank of America have also applied it successfully.  After two years using Six Sigma, Bank of America noted a US$2 billion improvement in its financial picture and a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction.

For more information and to sign up, please log on to

Journalists who plan to cover the event may attend the seminar free of charge by registering with Ms. Chen of the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance at (02) 3365-3504.