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Press Release

New Appointment System for American Citizen Services

The American Institute in Taiwan's Taipei office is pleased to announce a new appointment scheduling system for services at the American Citizen Services Unit at AIT Taipei's Consular Section.  Beginning Monday, November 6, 2006, applications for all services will be accepted by appointment only using a free online scheduling system, which will begin accepting appointments on October 23. 

Based on the overwhelming success of our limited appointment system for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, we have decided to expand the system to offer appointments for all services to better serve the American community in Taiwan.

Due to increasing numbers of applications and our limited office space, the current application process for passport, notarial and social security services can require several visits to AIT, waiting times in excess of one hour, long lines, and standing room only in our waiting room.  The new scheduling system will mean one trip to AIT, less time in the waiting room, no more long lines, and your new passport will arrive faster.

Consular assistance is always available without appointment in case of emergencies such as life-and-death situations, arrest, and indigence.

Please visit our website now for more information. 

Visit again on October 23 to make your appointment!