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Press Release

AIT Public Affairs Section Sponsors Participation of American Voices in Taipei International Summer Jazz and Broadway Academies

The American Institute in Taiwan's Public Affairs Section is proud to sponsor the participation of American Voices at the 2006 Taipei International Summer Jazz and Broadway Academies from July 23 through August 4, 2006.

Founded in 1992, American Voices' mission is to further international appreciation and understanding of American music and culture.  American Voices performs at over one hundred festivals, concerts, master classes and workshops annually in over thirty countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.  Although they have performed at major world venues such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Theatre de la Ville in Paris and the National Museum of Tokyo, the core commitment lies in the people-to-people exchange with young music students.  American Voices creates mutual understanding and brings cultural diplomacy, education and performing projects to vital areas of the world.

In a repertoire ranging from Broadway, Choral, Opera, and Jazz and Blues to youth culture such as Break Dancing and Hip Hop, American Voices' artists have touched over 200,000 audience members in 79 countries on five continents, and reached millions more through live television and radio broadcasts across the globe.

Seven American Voices artists will participate in this year's Taipei International
Summer Jazz and Broadway Academies, including:  Deborah J. Carter, Greg Carroll, Carole McCann, Michael Parks Masterson, Jacquelyn Culpepper, Ira Spaulding, and John Ferguson.

The Taipei Summer Jazz and Broadway Academies offers the highest quality Jazz and Broadway instruction to young musicians and singers. Begun as an international Jazz program initiated by the American Voices Association and the Taipei Jazz Education and Promotion Association, the academy soon expanded in 2005 to include a Broadway program for young Taiwanese singers, actors and dancers.  The public is invited to attend the Jazz Faculty Concert at 7:00 p.m. on July 28 and Jazz Academy Final Gala Concert at 4:00 p.m. on July 29, 2006, both at Da An Park, and a Broadway Academy Final Gala Concert at Shih-chien University at 7:00 p.m., August 4, 2006.

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