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Press Release

American Institute in Taiwan Announces On-Line Application Form for Nonimmigrant Visas

PR0447E | Date: 2004-09-29

On October 1, the American Institute in Taiwan will introduce a new option for those who apply for nonimmigrant visas (NIV) through the Atos Origin Application Processing Center (APC). Applicants will now be able to complete their application form (DS-156) online.

Under the new system, applicants have the option to log onto the APC web site, open the web-based application form (available in both Chinese and English), enter their personal information, and then print the completed DS-156. A personal identification number (PIN) will be generated, enabling the applicant to make an interview appointment at AIT. On the day of their appointment, applicants can go directly to AIT rather than go to the APC in order to complete the application process.

Note that the Atos Origin Application Processing Center (APC) will continue to accept nonimmigrant visa applications in the following ways:

- Walk in
- Travel agent drop off
- Mail-in

From October 1, however, applicants will have the additional option of submitting their applications:

- On-line

The DS-156, whether completed by hand or online, is required of all applicants. Some applicants may be required to complete the DS-157 (men between ages 16 and 45), DS-158 (F, J and M applicants). These forms are available at Applicants should complete all of necessary forms before coming to the AIT Consular main entrance.

We encourage all NIV applicants, especially those who live outside of Taipei, to use this easily accessible web-based form. There are many advantages to using the web-based DS-156 application. Applicants will not have to go to the APC in order to have their DS-156 application form processed. The form will be processed at the APC office in AIT. Web-based prompts and help screens ensure that the application form is completed correctly. Moreover, the form is available in both Chinese and English.

To ensure that the appointment process goes smoothly, AIT encourages applicants to arrive at AIT at their entrance time (printed on appointment ticket) and not earlier. Only those applicants who have appointment tickets or APC envelopes, receipts, and required forms will be admitted to AIT.

For more information on the new web-based application form, please visit or call (02) 2709-5106.