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Press Release

American Cultural Center to Present Part Two of "The American President," a Film Series by Philip and Peter Kunhardt

PR0419E | Date: 2004-04-02

On April 8 (Thursday), from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the AIT American Cultural Center will show part two of "The American President," which includes "An Independent Cast of Mind" and "The Professional Politician," the third and fourth episodes. This total 10-hour epic series, written, produced and directed by Philip B. Kunhardt, Philip B. Kunhardt III, and Peter W. Kunhardt, tells the story of the nation from the perspective of the highest office, and features exclusive interviews with former President Clinton and other living former presidents. This film series cogently relates the stories of the first 41 U.S. Presidents, vividly depicting their triumphs and travesties, and expertly portrays how they left indelible marks on the United States.

Episode three, "An Independent Cast of Mind," profiles John Adams, Zachary Taylor, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Jimmy Carter. These four presidents pursued a course that took little account of their political affiliation; to be presidents, in essence, without being politicians. They comprise cautionary tales - they all had difficult presidencies, and neither of the two who sought a second term was granted one.

Episode four, "The Professional Politician", profiles Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, and Lyndon B. Johnson. In the early years, taking part in political affairs was considered a duty and an honor, but not a way of life. When political parties began finding their way to the White House, the skills necessary for political success, though helpful to a president, were not sufficient to guarantee success in the office. This episode traces the presidencies of four political professionals, one of whom was also a great statesman.

Relevant books and materials will also be on display at the American Cultural Center Resource Service, adjacent to the screening room.

The remaining three parts will be shown every other week, on Thursday, in April and May. The complete film program schedule, with episode summaries, is available on request.

The American Cultural Center is located at Suite 2101, 21F, International Trade Building, No. 333, Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei. The video program is open to the public without charge. Pre-registration is suggested to ensure a seat and an information packet on the relevant episodes. To indicate your interest, or obtain more information including a schedule of the series, please contact Ms. Vicky Tsao ext. 283; fax 2725-2644; e-mail: