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Press Release

American Cultural Center to Present the Seventh Episode of "Jazz" a Film by Ken Burns

On January 15 (Thursday), from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the AIT American Cultural Center will show "Dedicated to Chaos," the seventh episode of Ken Burns' documentary "Jazz" as part of its film program on the history of jazz. The program examines the origins of Jazz and the cultural and historical events that relate directly with the music.

This episode begins when America enters World War II in 1941, and tells the story of how jazz music also went to war. Bandleaders like Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw enlist and take their music to the armed forces overseas. In Nazi-occupied Europe, where the gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt creates his own distinctive way of playing the music, jazz becomes a symbol of freedom and the hope of liberation. In New York, the heart of jazz has moved from Harlem to 52nd Street - where Billie Holiday reigns as queen despite her uncontrollable addiction to narcotics. This episode also follows Duke Ellington as he takes the greatest of all his music to ever-greater heights. Meanwhile, the trumpet virtuoso Dizzy Gillespie and alto saxophonist Charlie Parker lead a small band of gifted young musicians who are secretly developing a new way of playing --- fast, intricate, and infinitely demanding for musicians and listeners alike. The recording ban makes the music largely unheard until November of 1945, when Parker and Gillespie are finally able to go into the recording studio together. With the release of "Koko", the new music -"bebop" begins to spread, altering the course of jazz forever.

A poster show entitled "The King of Jazz: Louis Armstrong" and relevant books and materials will also be displayed in the American Cultural Center during the screening of the film.

The remaining 3 parts will be shown every other week on Thursday evening during the next few weeks (1/29 through 2/26). The complete film program schedule, with episode summaries, is available on request.

The American Cultural Center is located at Suite 2101, 21F, No. 333, Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei. The program is open to the public without charge. Pre-registration is suggested to ensure a seat and an information packet on the relevant episode. To indicate your interest, obtain a schedule, or more information on this series, please contact Vicky Tsao at 2723-3959 ext. 283; or Meiling Liao ext. 202; fax 2725-2644;