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Press Release

Cost Reduction Visa Information and Scheduling Appointments

The American Institute in Taiwan is pleased to announce starting December 15, applicants will only pay 6NT per minute for using the automated phone lines and 12NT per minute for all live operator lines. This will represent a savings of 2NT per minute for using the automated lines and 3NT per minute for live operator calls. Note: automated lines are available for general information and for scheduling first-time non-immigrant visa appointments.

In addition to working with our service provider to reduce the per-call costs, AIT has found other ways to enhance the service we provide our customers. One way we have done so is through the use of a tape recording system to monitor calls for quality control and customer service purposes. Automated lines for general information (0204-58-858) and for scheduling first-time non-immigrant visa appointments (0204-58-898) are not being recorded. All live operator lines are being recorded. These lines include: live operator for general information (0204-58-959), live operator for first-time non-immigrant visa appointments (0204-58-989), and live operator for previous refusals (0204-58-987). The purpose of the recording system is to improve upon the current service mix and make sure that applicants are receiving accurate information and quality customer care. AIT takes pride in providing the highest possible customer service to our applicants. The tape recording system helps us in this endeavor.

We are constantly working to find innovative ways to provide ever improving support to people seeking AIT's services. We are committed to continue to provide the highest quality service to the public.