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Press Release

Arrival Statement AIT Chairperson and Managing Director Therese Shaheen October 13, 2003

PR0353E | Date: 2003-10-14

The theme of my visit is "The Taiwan Admiration Tour", and I think that you will see my schedule reflects that theme. First of all, Taiwan has been a steadfast partner in the coalition assembled to fight the war against terror, and Americans really appreciate that. Thank you so much to President Chen and the government and the people of Taiwan from the bottom of our hearts in America. That's number one. Number two, I have come to pay homage to Master Cheng Yen for her tremendous humanitarian efforts both in Taiwan and throughout the world. I feel like she is Taiwan's Mother Teresa. Third, I am taking a tour of Hsinchu Research Park and will be meeting with many of the business leaders that have made Taiwan great and some new business leaders that are going to be keeping Taiwan great. Fourth, I will be visiting and talking with university students at Cheng Chih University. I believe that the young people of Taiwan are its heart, soul, and future. So I think it's very important. Fifth, I will be having the honor of meeting with the senior most elected officials of Taiwan who are really a great symbol of inspiration of democracy throughout the world. Last but not least, I came here to enjoy the beauty of this island and its people.