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Press Release

AIT to Add Additional Feature to Its Visa Appointment System

Beginning June 2, 2003, the American Institute in Taiwan will add an additional service to the visa application appointment system that will create the opportunity for visa applicants to arrange a specific appointment time for their visa applications.

This service is available only to Taiwan passport holders residing outside of Taiwan. This service is also designed for specific categories of nonimmigrant visa applicants. Those categories currently include only the following:

"Students or Scholars and their families" - Applicants for F, J & M visas
"Temporary workers and their families" - Applicants for H, L, O, P, Q, R visas

Note: This service DOES NOT apply to applicants for tourist or business visas (B-1/B-2.)

Applicants in these categories who are outside of Taiwan and therefore do not have access to the Chunghwa telecom System may send an e-mail to the address below to reserve an appointment date. Applicants will immediately receive a reply stating that their request has been received and a place marker has been made for the requested date, or a notification that the requested date is unavailable, and that a new e-mail with a different date request is needed.


All e-mail submissions must include full name, current valid passport number or National Taiwan Identity number, requested appointment date, and category of visa. Only one principal applicant (and their derivatives) per e-mail is allowed. Applicants may select up to three separate dates in the priority in which they prefer an appointment. If first preference is available, it will be given. If not, then the second preference is given and so on.

When an applicant has arrived in Taiwan and has access to the Chunghwa Telecom System, he needs to receive a confirmation number by contacting the live operator at 0204-58989. The cost for this line is NT$15 per minute. Applicants must contact Call/Call by 3:00 p.m. on the business day before their appointment in order to remove the marker and be given a permanent appointment.

Nonimmigrant visa applicants who have been refused within the previous 12 months and need to make an appointment should call 0204-58987, where a live operator will respond and make the necessary appointment. The cost for this line is also NT$15 per minute.

In the meantime, AIT's caller-pay visa information system continues to provide information about immigrant and nonimmigrant visas at 0204-58858 at the rate of NT$8 per minute.

Although this system is new to Taiwan, it is already in use in most large US visa-issuing authorities throughout the world as a way of providing quick and convenient service to visa applicants.