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Press Release

AIT American Cultural Center Presents Books to Tamkang University

The AIT American Cultural Center today presented books to Tamkang University, embarking on a series of book presentations to local universities as part of AIT’s ongoing efforts to promote American Studies in Taiwan.

For years, the American Cultural Center has cooperated closely with the faculty of Tamkang University on American Studies-related programs. Recently, the resource service of the center relocated to a new site and selected 602 titles on the U.S. Congress, government, law, political science and U.S. society to present to the Tamkang University Library for its American Studies collection.

Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans, AIT Spokesperson and Chief of the Cultural and Information Section, presented the books to Horng-Jinh Chang, President of Tamkang University, in a ceremony on June 17. The event was in conjunction with the “International Conference on American Values” organized by the university.

The center plans to present books on American literature, education and English teaching to the National Chiayi University Library on June 18, and books on economics, the social sciences and communications to the National Dong Hwa University Library on June 21.