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Press Release

AIT to Use Courier Service for Returning Passports to Visa Applicants

AIT is pleased to announce that we will begin to use a courier service to return passports to our visa applicants on February 20, 2002. This service will be provided to individual applicants and to travel agents. By using this service to return passports, AIT will provide more efficient service at a very low cost.

AIT has signed a contract with Jih Tung International Express Company. Applicants will be able to obtain and fill out Jih Tung receipts at AIT at the same time they obtain visa application forms. After submitting their visa applications to AIT personnel, applicants or their agents will be directed to the Jih Tung service window to complete the delivery processing.

Jih Tung will offer an extremely low price of 120NT for island–wide delivery of passports. Families or travel agencies may place up to four applicants’ passports in one envelope for one price of 120NT. Applicants and travel agents should be sure to fill out the Jih Tung application forms prior to submitting visa applications. AIT anticipates that passports will be returned to applicants via Jih Tung courier service within three to five days after submission at AIT, and this includes weekend delivery.

We look forward to a productive partnership with Jih Tung and continuing to provide efficient service to our visa applicants.