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Press Release

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce William H. Lash, III Visits Taiwan

PR0206E | Date: 2002-01-22

William H. Lash, III, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance, is visiting Taiwan from January 22 to 25. The purpose of his visit is to congratulate Taiwan on its accession to the World Trade Organization and meet with Taiwan authorities and business leaders to discuss issues of mutual interest. As Taiwan is now a member of the WTO, Assistant Secretary Lash is also going to discuss the importance of maintaining open markets and promoting broader understanding among the people of Taiwan on bilateral and multilateral trade issues.

This visit to Taiwan by Assistant Secretary Lash is a part of his trip to East Asia, in which he also visits Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. East Asia is critical to the global economy and is an important trading partner for the United States. Although the United States has vibrant trade relationships with these economies, there remain significant opportunities for trade expansion. This trip aims to reinforce the economic and political ties that the U.S. shares with these economies and to generate new opportunities with which to create a more prosperous future.