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Press Release

Special Web Photo Gallery: New York Three Months Later

PR0147E | Date: 2001-12-14

Three months have passed since the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States that changed the lives of many.

A special Web-based photo gallery has been created on AIT’s “Response to Terrorism” page. The public and members of the media are welcome to view and download the photos. This gallery depicts scenes of a city returning to normal life but still cognizant of the effects of the September 11 attacks. The gallery has six sections, each with seven to nine photos, plus an introduction. The six sections are as follows:

-- Ground Zero: shots of the posters with photos of those missing in the attack
-- Memorials: the impromptu memorials to the dead and missing that have sprung up around New York
-- Witnesses: vignettes of those who witnessed or responded to the attacks
-- World United: the posters, memorials, etc. in New York from citizens of other nations
-- Life Goes On: New Yorkers return to everyday life, work, etc.
-- New York Transformed: street scenes in the city.

“The New York: Three Months Later” is at:
http:// or

Chinese readers can find the Chinese text at: