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Press Release

Departure Statement of Representative Floyd Spence (R-Sc) Chairman of the Committee on Armed Services U.S. House of Representatives

I am pleased to report that this visit to Taiwan has been both successful and productive. In particular, I would like to thank the senior leaders of Taiwan for their candid views on the issues confronting Taiwan today and their perspectives on regional security, economic, and political developments.

After our discussions, I remain convinced that Taiwan's security is essential to stability in Asia and in the national interest of the United States. Indeed, our meetings have further convinced me of the critical importance of maintaining peace and stability in East Asia and of moving toward a peaceful resolution of the future of Taiwan.

Furthermore, I am pleased to see that democracy in Taiwan continues to develop and is becoming an increasingly powerful influence in the region. Now more than ever, supporting democracy in East Asia remains a priority for the United States. As such, any change in Taiwan's status should come only with the consent of the people of Taiwan.

I thank the people of Taiwan for the extraordinary display of hospitality they have extended to this delegation, and I believe that this visit has strengthened the long-standing bonds of friendship between the United States and Taiwan.