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Press Release

U.S. Has No Role in Nuclear Power Plant Decision

The view of the United States on the current debate in Taiwan over whether to continue or cease construction of the Lungmen nuclear power plant is:

* Whether or not to continue construction of the Lungmen nuclear power plant is a decision for the Taiwan authorities to make.

* The major concern for the United States is that contract provisions that have been agreed upon are fulfilled in either case, whether the construction of the power plant is continued or is halted.

* There have been regular exchanges and visits between experts in the United States and Taiwan on nuclear energy for many years including on issues relating to handling and disposing of nuclear wastes. There is no linkage between the recent visit of a U.S. nuclear waste expert and the construction of the Lungmen nuclear power plant.

* The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design of the type of reactor being incorporated into the Lungmen plant as safe for construction in the United States.