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Press Release

Remarks by Jack McPhee, Director of U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Computer & Business Equipment, at Media Reception for World Conference on Information Technology Saturday, June 10, 2000 Taipei, Taiwan

PR0029E | Date: 2000-06-10

On behalf of the U.S. Information Technology Trade Mission to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, we are pleased to be participants in the 2000 World Congress on Information Technology. A major theme of this Congress is Information Technology for a Better World. Those of us who follow the IT industry know that IT companies are constantly striving to create products and services that help users worldwide to manage efficiently and effectively everything from a family's budget to economic forecasting at a national level. From medical diagnoses to air traffic control, from stock market transactions to online purchasing. The Internet has become a big part of the landscape of IT. From that has grown e-business and e-commerce applications. Because we, at the U.S. Department of Commerce, believe that IT can contribute to a better world, we have developed an IT Management Planning Tool available on CD-ROM. The Tool is designed to help users examine their current use of IT and explore Internet-based, e-business and e-commerce solutions for their organizations. A copy of this tool has been given to each of the attendees to this Congress and we have copies here to distribute.

The use of the Internet and e-commerce applications can lead to greater productivity for individuals, businesses and national economies. Greater productivity leads to increased economic growth that can translate into higher living standards and healthier lives for the citizens of the world. The companies on this trade mission have the products and services that can help us achieve these goals. I'd like to introduce these companies to you.

Asian-American Business Network builds localized B2B and B2C Internet portals throughout Asia and the Americas.

Attachmate is a leading supplier of software and services that help manage access to enterprise mission-critical applications and databases.

Digital Bridge provides integrated e-business consulting, including custom web site development, online branding, and infrastructure development.

Macrovision develops and markets content copy protection technologies that protect the intellectual property in video and audio programs and computer software.

For the financial sector, Octasoft provides B2B solutions which banks and other financial institutions can deliver through such digital channels, as the Internet, kiosks and WAP-enabled mobile phones.

Siebel Systems provides a comprehensive family of Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) solutions in sales, marketing and customer service.

Winstar Communications provides a comprehensive set of high-quality, digital broadband services, including high-speed Internet access and data transport, web hosting and local and long distance services.

These companies are available to meet with any organizations that are interested in their products and services. I invite any interested party to contact me or any of the representatives of these companies you see here. Thank you.

For more information, please contact Mr. David McNeill or Ms. Jacy Huang of AIT Commercial Section at 2720-1550 ext. 394 or 323.