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Remarks by AIT Public Affairs Section Chief Dana Shell Smith at the Opening of the "Six Continents of Quilts: the Museum of Arts & Design Collection" Exhibit

PAO-051104E | Date: 2005-11-04

Good Afternoon, Director Tseng, Ladies and Gentlemen:

  On behalf of the American Institute in Taiwan Public Affairs Section, I am delighted to attend the opening of the exhibit "Six Continents of Quilts: the Museum of Art and Design Collection" at the National Museum of History. 

  Quilts have a long and enduring tradition in many countries around the world.  In the U.S., the "art quilt movement" took place in the 1970's.  Since that time (approximately 30 years), art quilt has emerged from the centuries-old quilt-making traditions to become a vibrant and inventive medium that expresses the energy and diversity of contemporary American culture. 

  This exhibit, organized by the Museum of Art and Design in New York, is the first major undertaking of an international exhibit of cutting-edge quilts by artists from around the world.  This exhibit examines new developments in contemporary quilting on six continents, and showcases the range of content, technique, cultural influence and tradition that have infused the art of quilt making.  This collection of contemporary art quilts presents the unifying spirit that artists bring to enrich our world.

  The American Institute in Taiwan Public Affairs Section is very pleased to coordinate the presentation of this marvelous exhibit from the Museum of Art and Design to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of History on Taiwan. 

  We would especially like to acknowledge the efforts that the National Museum of History has put together in the last two years to bring this exhibit to Taipei.  We hope all of you, as well as our friends in North Central Taiwan, enjoy this unique collection of art quilts. 

Thank you.