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Remarks by AIT Director William A. Stanton at 2010 U.S.-Taiwan Clean Energy Forum Kaohsiung, Taiwan December 14, 2010

OT-1030E | Date: 12/14/2010

(As Prepared for Delivery)

I am honored to have the opportunity to make remarks at the first ever U.S.-Taiwan Clean Energy Forum. We are especially delighted to co-host this event with the Kaohsiung City Government, as Kaohsiung has achieved many successes over the last several decades in building a cleaner, more sustainable future.

As longstanding friends, the United States and Taiwan have enjoyed close cooperation spanning a wide range of issues, including nuclear power generation, environmental protection and research, and clean energy. Through such cooperation, we are working to reduce the threat of climate change, diversify energy options, and satisfy the increasing demand for electricity.

The U.S.-Taiwan commercial and economic relationship, alongside our academic, cultural, military and other ties, forms one of the great success stories for U.S. engagement in the region. The source of much of that progress has not been policymakers or diplomats; it has been businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, educators, and students who have cross-pollinated the best and most innovative ideas of our two societies.

It is exactly those same visionaries who hold the key to the future of clean energy. We must build a sustainable energy future where we use energy efficiently and rely on alternate sources of energy to meet demand. The private sector holds the key to this innovation.

The United States continues to seek new ways to deepen our economic relationship with Taiwan. Green technology is one of the most important areas for us to explore together. Let us use this forum as an inspiration to intensify our efforts in clean energy research and development. Let us seize this opportunity to profit from clean energy technology. Our reward will be both thriving economies for our businesses... and a cleaner Earth for our children.

Thank you. I wish you all a very productive forum.


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