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AIT Observes Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People

OT0809E | Date: 2008-05-21

To promote peaceful democratic change in Cuba and show support for the Cuban people, May 21 will mark a "Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People." The day will focus on the plight of prisoners of conscience and the lack of civil and political freedoms in Cuba. The Cuban regime denies its people the most basic freedoms and opportunities that are enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the U. N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights. The current regime seeks to legitimize itself both at home and abroad through initiatives which fail to address fundamental economic flaws or promote basic freedoms denied the Cuban people. Raul Castro's accession to power occurred without a democratic vote by the Cuban people.

Countries and civil society groups worldwide have an opportunity to join Cuban democracy leaders and non-governmental organizations in commemorating May 21 as a "Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People." Democracy leaders and non-governmental organizations plan to demonstrate their support for human rights on the island of Cuba during mid-May when Cubans across the island traditionally commemorate Cuban patriots who have suffered at the hands of the regime for the cause of freedom and human rights, including the anniversary of the death of Pedro Luis Boitel, a poet-activist who died on May 25, 1972, at age 39 while on a hunger strike in Cuba's "Castle of the Prince" prison. The people of Cuba need to know that they have worldwide solidarity and support for their efforts to achieve genuine political and economic freedom in Cuba.

Freedom supporters in Cuba seek a free, just, prosperous, and sovereign Cuba to join the community of democracies in the Americas and want the Cuban people to define their country's destiny freely and democratically. is a useful resource for the international community about how to participate in Cuba Solidarity Day.

At, you can find and sign a petition for the release of Cuba's political prisoners.