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Non-Immigrant Visa Processing at AIT


To maximize convenience for travelers, we interview and process all visa applications as quickly as possible.

May - August is the busiest season for visa applications in Taiwan.  We have scheduled 1100 appointments per day for this entire period.  This is the maximum number of applicants we can process, given physical space and staffing limitations.

To process applicants most efficiently, we divide appointments into 30 minute blocks.  Appointments begin at 7:30 a.m. and continue, with a break for lunch, to 2:00 p.m.

Each applicant should arrive at AIT by the time on his or her entrance ticket.  Applicants will not be allowed into AIT before the time on the entrance ticket.  Once in the waiting room, AIT staff are available to assist applicants.

Our waiting time for a visa interview is currently 4 days.

Application Process

Detailed information about U.S. visa regulations can be found online at  Complete instructions for submitting visa applications at AIT can be found online at

There are four or five steps in the application process, depending on whether the applicant has completed the visa application online. 

Note:  Elderly, disabled, and other applicants with special needs are asked to wait in a separate seating area where they receive expedited service.

  1. Online application:  For those who complete the application online (60-70% of applicants):  these applicants have not visited the Application Processing Center operated by our contractor, Atos Origins.  When they arrive at AIT, their applications are checked by Atos Origins staff in the booth at the far end of our waiting room to ensure that fees have been paid and applications are complete. 
    Those who have visited the Application Processing Center for data entry proceed directly to the seating area to wait to be called for data intake.
  2. Data intake:  AIT staff members scan the barcode on each application to ensure the applicant's data has been transferred to our system, assign a case number, and check all information for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Fingerprint:  AIT staff members collect two digital fingerprints from each applicant in a quick, inkless process.
  4. Interview:  Consular officers interview each applicant to determine his or her eligibility for a U.S. visa.  The interviewing officer tells each applicant whether they have been granted a visa or not, and advises what additional steps may be required.
  5. Courier service:  Applicants who have been approved proceed to our contract courier service, Chao Feng Express.  Each applicant fills out a courier form and turns it in at the booth close to the exit.  After the applicant turns in the courier receipt, he or she has completed the application process and leaves AIT.