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Research Information Services

Electronic Publications

Information for today's global professional
Electronic Information Service  (Photo: AIT Images)

Electronic Information Service (Photo: AIT Images)

AIT's Information Resource Center (IRC) provides a timely information on key topics right to your computer desktop via the Internet.  Our electronic publications include: 

FOCUS: Article Alert
A monthly collection of important documents in U.S.-Taiwan relations and other recent information from the U.S. about internatinoal relations, economics, the environment and more. 

Electronic Information Service:
Articles and abstracts with the U.S. Government perspective on current issues, including: 

  • Democracy Issues

  • Global Issues

  • Economics and Trade

  • U.S. Politics, Society and Culture

  • U.S. Foreign Policy and International Relations

  • Environment and Energy

Press Releases: Statements distributed to the press by AIT's Press Office. (Link)

Washington File: News from Washington (1999 to 2011 Archives)
An archived daily collection of the U.S. policy issues regarding the East Asia-Pacific region organized by theme, e.g., Regional Security, Economics and Trade, State Department Briefing, and White House Briefing from 1999 to 2011. (Link)

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