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Books and eJournals
  • American Teenagers
    American Teenagers

    What do American teenagers have to say about their lives, values and dreams? This e-journal gives an insight into their goals and concerns.  

  • College and University Education in the U.S.
    College and University Education in the U.S.

    Through this journal, students will learn about U.S. higher education system and academic life at colleges and universities. 

  • Democracy in Brief
    Democracy in Brief

    touches on topics such as rights and responsibilities of citizens, fair elections, the rule of law, and the role of a written constitution. 

  • Human Rights in Brief
    Human Rights in Brief

    Human rights are the rights that one has simply because one is human. They may be suspended, but the idea cannot be taken away. 

  • National Parks, National Legacy
    National Parks, National Legacy

    presents glorious views of the national parks, the history of this vast system, and its mission of conservation and public access. 

  • See You in the U.S.A.
    See You in the U.S.A.

    brings together information, defines the acronyms of U.S. government travel programs and explains how these fit in with those of other nations. 

  • Snapshot USA
    Snapshot USA

    provides a central resource for information about the U.S., containing statistics and essays which describe how Americans think about their country. 

  • USA Economy in Brief
    USA Economy in Brief

    discusses the factors that make the U.S. economy the world's most productive and influential. Exports and trade deficit charts included. 

  • USA Education in Brief
    USA Education in Brief

    covers the development of the public school movement; civic, bilingual and special education; foreign exchanges. 

  • USA Elections in Brief
    USA Elections in Brief

    A background guide to the entire U.S. electoral system, from federal, state, local and primary elections to the role of the parties and the media. 

  • USA History in Brief
    USA History in Brief

    summarizes in a few thousand words the forces and events that shaped the dynamic and varied country that it has become today. 

  • USA Literature in Brief
    USA Literature in Brief

    pinpoints the contributions to American literature of some of the best-recognized poets, novelists from pre-Colonial days through the present. 

  • USA Map
    USA Map

    includes facts and statistics about the U.S. government, geography, transportation, employment, sports and entertainment. 

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