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Remarks by Douglas H. Paal, Director, American Institute in Taiwan Signing of New Office Building Lease

BG0408E | Date: 2004-12-22

Minister Chen, Vice Minister Ouyang, TECRO Secretary General Chen,  Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is an important milestone in relations between the peoples of Taiwan and the United States, one that has been in the making for over ten years.  It was at least that long ago when AIT began working with TECRO and the Taipei City Government to locate a plot of land for a new AIT facility.  Today we are signing a lease for land in Neihu on which to construct a new AIT office building.  It will allow us to consolidate all of our operations, currently scattered throughout Taipei, into one centralized location.  And it will allow us to operate in a safe, secure, and modern environment.

Our current facility on Hsin Yi Road is a bit old and shabby-looking. We have literally run out of space.  The transition from our current facility to the New AIT Office Building will be a challenge.  Our goal, however, is to make this new facility a source of pride - not only for the people of the U.S.A., and those of us here at AIT, but also for all of Taipei.

There is still much to be done.  A design team (Moore, Ruble, and Yudell) is currently working on plans for the new complex.  I have asked this distinguished architectural firm to design a building that will perform its functions, but that also will be a positive contribution to Taiwan's best architecture.  Once that is completed, a construction contract can be awarded and construction can begin.  We look forward to working with all of your organizations as the project progresses.

I want to thank all the parties involved here today, but I particularly want to single out the current Secretary General of TECRO, John Chen, and his able staff who worked tirelessly with all concerned to make the property available to us.   Thank you, John and TECRO; and thank you all for coming today.