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Moran's painting of The Tower of Tower Falls, Yellowstone

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畫家湯瑪斯‧摩蘭 (Thomas Moran) 出生

一幅畫作可能對社會造成影響嗎?湯瑪斯‧摩蘭畫的西部風景畫,就讓美國人決定將荒野保護區列為國家公園。摩蘭生於1837212日。在1871年的夏天,摩蘭和攝影師威廉‧亨利‧傑克森 (William Henry Jackson) 加入美國領土地質調查團 (U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories) 。在這個科學調查團裡,他們所負責的工作就是把懷俄明西北部與蒙大拿東南部,沿著黃石河一帶地區繪製成並拍攝成圖像。摩蘭作了詳細的紀錄,他不但將這些區域的美麗常青的山峰與瀑布繪製成圖畫,他也畫了很多比這張更奇怪的精細描繪的風景畫。

Can a painting have an impact on society? Thomas Moran's paintings of Western landscapes inspired Americans to save their wilderness areas as national parks. Moran was born in 1837 on February 12. In the summer of 1871, Moran and photographer William Henry Jackson joined the U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories. Their job on this scientific expedition was to sketch and photograph lands along the Yellowstone River in northwestern Wyoming and southeastern Montana. Moran took detailed notes and made numerous sketches of the beautiful evergreen mountain peaks and waterfalls, but he also drew pictures of some sights even stranger than the one depicted in this painting.

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