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Meet Amazing Americans 作家藝術家 藍斯頓休斯 (Langston Hughes)
Photo of Henry 'Red' Allen and his band played jazz to Langston Hughes's poetry
享利「紅」艾倫 (Henry "Red" Allen) 及他的樂團為藍斯頓休斯的詩演奏爵士樂

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藍斯頓休斯是個用文字來表達自己的藝術家,但他也受到其他型態的藝術影響,所以他的作品跨越到其他的媒體。休斯被視為文藝復興人,即興趣廣泛多方才藝的人。1920年代的哈林文藝復興運動是住在紐約市的非裔美人用來頌揚己身文化的活動,而爵士及藍調則是這項運動中不可或缺的要素 。休斯表示爵士及藍調傳達涵蓋廣泛的黑人經歷,起自悲傷、難過,終於希望、決心。1958年,休斯錄製他的詩作時,即邀請知名的享利「紅」艾倫樂團 (Henry "Red" Allen Band)擔任伴奏的工作 。爵士的節奏也影響了他1951年的作品「緩夢蒙太奇」(Montage of a Dream Deferred),這是一則書本長度的詩集,共分五 段,各別使用音樂、詩歌及歷史來描述非裔美人的城市經歷。

Langston Hughes was an artist who used words to express himself, but other forms of art influenced him, and his work crossed over into other mediums. Hughes was considered a Renaissance man, someone who has wide interests and is talented in many areas. Jazz and blues were key elements of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, a time when African Americans in a section of New York City started a movement to celebrate their culture. Hughes said that jazz and blues expressed the wide range of black America's experience, from grief and sadness to hope and determination. The famous Henry "Red" Allen Band accompanied Hughes in a 1958 poetry recording. The rhythms of jazz also influenced his 1951 Montage of a Dream Deferred. This was a book-length poem in five sections depicting the African American urban experience using music, poetry, and history.

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