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Meet Amazing Americans 作家藝術家 藍斯頓休斯 (Langston Hughes)
Photo of Robert Earl Jones in Don't You Want to Be Free by Langston Hughes
(low-down folks) 之一


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藍斯頓休斯是美國中上最偉大的詩人之一。就像其他許許多多的作家,他的寫作題材來自於他的生活經驗,即他身邊的人、事、地。雖然休斯對來自於社會各階層的人都很友善,如:富人、中產階級及貧窮人,而這些所謂的低下階層的人們對他的詩作影響深遠 。休斯將這個措辭視為某種型式的讚賞,他欣賞這些人,因為「他們毫無疑問的接受美麗就是己身的想法。」您認為這句話代表了什麼意義?

Langston Hughes is one of America's greatest poets. Like so many writers, he wrote about what he knew -- the people, places and events around him. Although Hughes was friendly with people from all walks of life, the rich, the middle class and the poor, it was the people he called the "low-down folks" who had the greatest influence on his poetry. Hughes used this expression as a form of praise. He admired these people because "they accept what beauty is their own without question." What do you think this means?

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